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e9 Corporate Coaching

Beyond what you thought possible

 Since working with e9 Corporate Coaching, I've not only been performing at the highest level of my career, I'm knocking off personal goals along the way in rapid succession. She's professional, positive and insightful. She holds her clients accountable and that's critical to staying on course. Her insight and motivation have helped me break through barriers that have slowed me down for years. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to take your personal and professional performance to the next level! 

Aaron D,  National Accounts Manager, national beverage distribution company

e9 Corporate Team Coaching Resources

1. Introduction Meeting

Describe the process, goals, answer questions.

2. Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

How we get needs met. 

Key concepts: Conflict isn't bad, there are many modes, and different modes are effective for different settings.

3. Myers Briggs Type Inventory

How we communicate.

Key concepts: We have innate personality preferences about how we perceive what's around us, make decisions, and communicate.

4. Emotional Intelligence

How we manage emotions.

Key concepts: Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management.

5. 360 Review

What others think of working with us.

Key concepts: Measuring other's perceptions of us is a gift not a threat - it helps us to decide what we want to change about ourselves (or not.) 

6. Results Meeting & Training

Interactive exercises to demonstrate group profile and how to manage group dynamics.

Stop Tiptoeing Around Each Other

Appreciate each other's innate tendencies. Form a common language and sense of humor about differences. 

Engage Fully, Boldly, Effectively

Have courageous conversations and debates supported by trust and understanding.


3-Month Quick Hit

Intended to tackle a high urgency specific issue: a problem with a colleague; an employee who is a high producer but not a team player, or underperforming but well connected; a pending tough decision, meeting an aggressive goal.  

Includes private bi-weekly coaching, review and comment on a bi-weekly accountability report, email access as necessary.

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6-Month Assess & Adjust

Designed for challenges that may require adjustments to your style, because you’ve been promoted, moved to a new role, started with a new company, or received some tough feedback. 

For example, stress that is unrelenting due to work that is engaging, confronting the need to “make tough decisions”, building and maintaining trust of your team. 

Includes everything in the 3-month package plus:  360 review by 5-8 colleagues and one of the following assessments - Myers Briggs Type Indicator; Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode;  Emotional Intelligence Test .

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9-Month Transform

Created for issues with broader scope, deeper consideration, and focused on your future: reaching for dreams, maintaining trust of your team, conquering boredom, dealing with burnout, fully engaging,  managing too many priorities. Everything is included in the 6-month package plus: All of the assessments listed in the 6-month package, first priority email access, text message access.

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If we knew how to get to where we want to go, we'd already be there.

Coaching gets you to shift yourself to a new place - FAST. It creates new patterns in your brain and teaches you to think in new ways that come from you. To say the things you’re afraid to say, dream big in front of someone, and be unafraid to fail. In short, it brings you to … YOU – unhesitatingly, unapologetically, boldly.  

If we keep thinking the way we've always thought, we'll get the same results we've always gotten.

There is a fundamental shift happening in what we want from our work – toward purpose, meaning, and realizing of the self, not just titles and offices. 

Leaders think and communicate differently, reflecting an explored and deeply known place inside. 

Leadership requires not just technical skill, but the people skills to inspire and coach others to be bigger versions of themselves. 

Coaching teaches YOU to be a bigger version of yourself. And then you can teach it to others.