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e9 Corporate Coaching

Beyond what you thought possible

What is an e9 Sandbox MasterMind?


e9 MasterMinds...

 ... are great for being incognito. MasterMind meetings are coach-led, structured, and confidential with specific agendas that give executives, managers, and others a forum for brainstorming, self expression, and new action. 

A sandbox...

... is for becoming. Here we don't have to show only our finished products that have been rehearsed and honed in an effort to protect reputation. Here we are in-progress, playing with ideas, failing powerfully, questioning, making adjustments, fully expressing, being ourselves, and creating bold action and results that change our lives. We hold each other accountable - we stop stopping.

e9 Performance Sandbox Mastermind

e1 Encounter, e2 Engage, and e3 Exhale

Focused on DOING. 

Figure out what lights you up and start working differently. Consciously choose the work you do, how you work, and who you work for. (This doesn't necessarily mean changing your job.)

Become yourself. Stop stopping. 

e9 Leadership Sandbox

e4 Expect, e5 Express, e6 Enlarge

Focused on BEING. 

Lead powerfully from behind or ahead, communicate with ease, go faster. 

Work in your purpose.

e9 Warrior Sandbox

e7 Excel, e8 Elevate, e9 Expand

Focused on BECOMING.  

Learn that the only way around your resistance is through it. Yell in your head as you point your skis downhill. Develop the armor that repels naysayers. Go get it. Fly closer to the sun.

Bring it on. Love the ride. 

Trade ideas with others like you ...

It's like your own personal board of directors to help you either brainstorm or weather the storm. Who you don't have to practice for. Or hide failures from.  

... and develop career confidantes.

Generate trust with a group to cheer you on, help you go big, call you on playing small, check your blind side, think through doubts, and celebrate home runs.