We Create Warriors

What do you want?

What are you tolerating?

What do you want to change?

Why don't you have it now - what's stopping you?

What if "someday" was now?

To move to the next level, as we engage with new people or goals or roles we grow in ever-expanding ways. Confidence isn't a yes/no switch that gets flipped indicating that it's there or it's not for the rest of your life. It's not something that successful people have and unsuccessful people lack. It's something we develop over and over again - by challenging ourselves - in order to move to the next level. 

The e9 process will challenge you. If you've never had a coach, know that this requires your commitment. 

e9 is for managers, teams, and executives who are looking for something more.  e9 Corporate Coaching will become a trusted advisor to help you determine the most effective path to success. If you think there's something better, there is. Stop stopping. Bring it on.


Our Map to Success

The e9 Corporate Coaching model has 9 essential building blocks.


e1 Encounter, e2 Engage, and e3 Exhale

Focused on DOING.

Figure out what lights you up and start working differently. Consciously choose the work you do, how you work, and who you work for. (This doesn't necessarily mean changing your job.)

Become yourself. Stop stopping.

e4 Expect, e5 Express, e6 Enlarge

Focused on BEING. 

Lead powerfully from behind or ahead, communicate with ease, go faster. 

Work in your purpose.

e7 Excel, e8 Elevate, e9 Expand

Focused on BECOMING.  

Learn that the only way around your resistance is through it. Yell in your head as you point your skis downhill. Develop the armor that repels naysayers. Un-tether. Fly closer to the sun.

Love the ride. Bring it on. 

Who We Work With

Extraordinary is not normal. 

We know pressure, we believe in weird, and specialize in different. Whatever your dream is that you're afraid to speak, or the thing that's holding you back, bring it on. Become yourself.

Engagements are 3, 6, 9 months or longer with  executives, managers, teams, employees seeking to become managers, and HR personnel. We can help conquer:

Shifting Team Dynamic

Meeting Aggressive Goals

Creating Aggressive Goals

Getting Promoted

Performance Challenges

Difficult Work Relationships

Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed

Loving Your Work

And if needed... Changing Careers

Coaching Solutions for All Levels

Coaching plays a key role at all levels of the company.

Upper Levels

To engage couageously with each other

Top Performers 

As a reward to help perform even better

Middle Managers

Preparing them to rise up the ladder

Promotable People 

Learning people skills to support their technical skill

All Levels

Finding the path to fulfillment


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