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e9 Corporate Coaching

Beyond what you thought possible

Become a Warrior at Work ... So That You Get to Fully Live

“I am working in my purpose, leaving nothing on the table, nothing untried, living my ‘someday’ goals as now, leading others to do the same."

What do you want?

What are you tolerating?

What do you want to change?

Why don't you have it now - what's stopping you?

What if "someday" was now?

The e9 process will challenge you. If you've never had a coach, know that this requires your commitment. 

Where are you in the e9 Model and how do you uplevel?

If you think there's something better, there is. Work in your purpose. Stop stopping. 

When I began working with e9's Sandbox MasterMind group I knew I liked my work but I didn’t love it. Mondays felt like dragging myself toward a goal I was supposed to care about. Jennifer helped me dig deep and find my “why” and it has changed everything. With a tweak to my goals, they now leave me inspired and the results are starting to happen. Mondays feel like an opportunity to create meaning in life. Her process has helped me prioritize what really matters to be more successful and more engaged. I strongly recommend e9 Corporate Coaching to anyone who wants to become a warrior at work and start enjoying Mondays again. 

- Pete, Financial Advisor, Banker

Our Map to Success


The e9 Corporate Coaching model has 9 essential building blocks.


e1 Encounter, e2 Engage, and e3 Exhale

Figure out what lights you up and start working differently. Consciously choose the work you do, how you work, and who you work for. (This doesn't necessarily mean changing your job.)

e4 Expect, e5 Express, e6 Enlarge

Lead powerfully from behind or ahead, communicate with ease, go faster. 

e7 Excel, e8 Elevate, e9 Expand

Leave nothing on the table, nothing untried in your life and work. Learn that the only way around your resistance is through it. Yell in your head as you point your skis downhill. Repel naysayers. Un-tether. Fly closer to the sun.

Who We Work With


Extraordinary is not normal. 

We know pressure, we believe in weird, and specialize in different. Whatever your dream is that you're afraid to speak, or the thing that's holding you back, bring it on. Become yourself.

Engagements are 3, 6, 9 months or longer with  executives, managers, teams, employees seeking to become managers, and HR personnel. We can help conquer:

Teams Who Tiptoe Around Each Other

Meeting Aggressive Goals

A New Promotion

Performance Challenges

Difficult Work Relationships

Feeling Stuck or Overwhelmed

Loving Your Work

And if needed... Changing Careers

Coaching Solutions for All Levels


Coaching plays a key role at all levels of the company.

All Levels

Finding the path to fulfillment

Upper Levels

To engage courageously with each other

High Performers 

Getting over impostor syndrome to perform even better

Middle Managers & Next-in-Line

Learning to be skillful conductors of people


Finding their "why", which may be in their current jobs, or elsewhere

 Since working with e9 Corporate Coaching, I've not only been performing at the highest level of my career, I'm knocking off personal goals along the way in rapid succession. She's professional, positive and insightful. She holds her clients accountable and that's critical to staying on course. Her insight and motivation have helped me break through barriers that have slowed me down for years. I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to take your personal and professional performance to the next level! 

- Aaron D,  National Accounts Manager, national beverage distribution company


 We send out periodic messages to encourage you, prod you, and remind you - to love the ride, become yourself, work in your purpose, stop stopping, and bring it on.