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Beyond what you thought possible

Beyond what you thought possible

Beyond what you thought possibleBeyond what you thought possible
Hello nonprofit clients


Through our e9mpower services we offer reduced rates for our nonprofit clients, and we understand your world. We would be honored, and quite happy, to help empower you to WORK IN YOUR PURPOSE.

Leadership & Team Development

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Leadership development for nonprofit organizations is more important now than ever, with reduced funding, greater need, and a dramatic shift coming in leadership to the next generation. e9's corporate services for teams, individuals, and masterminds are offered at a discount to nonprofit organizations.

Financial Sustainability & Budgeting

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 One of our favorite sayings is "We can mission ourselves right out of business." For our nonprofit clients only, we offer financial & budgeting consulting on an organizational or programmatic level. With 15 years of experience underwriting loans to nonprofit organizations, we can help you project your financial strength, sustainability, underwriting for PRIs, and appeal to lenders if needed, and project the needed capital raise. 

Engaging Your Board

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We can help solve the Board mystery:

What’s the difference between a good board meeting and a bad one? When do you know someone needs to leave the board of directors/trustees? What’s the minimum level of investment you should expect of every board member? What’s the big deal about board diversity? What can for-profit boards and nonprofit boards learn from each other? The new imperatives of board utilization. What are the “red flags” of board structure and membership?