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e9 CoffeeMind

e9 CoffeeMind meetings are held at coffee shops. They are low cost, teacher-led, structured, and confidential with specific agendas. They give entrepreneurs, remote workers, and individual contributors a forum outside the work environment for discussing, brainstorming, and achieving goals. 

CoffeeMind meetings are monthly and provide you a membership-based group of business people at your local coffee shop. 

e9 CoffeeMinds follow the same e9 format as e9 MasterMinds at a discounted cost, led by trained teachers.  You will both receive benefit from being in the group, and also contribute to the group by being present. 

We require that you commit to buy at least 6 meetings, in order to minimize the number of people cycling in and out of the group. We do not require you to use all 6 meetings in the same location.

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Coming Soon to Omaha!

We are working on setting up operations in Omaha. If you have coffee shops you love there please let us know!