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Beyond what you thought possible

Beyond what you thought possible

Beyond what you thought possibleBeyond what you thought possible

ian sanderson

Senior Coach, Trainer & Speaker - Warriorship, Organizational Culture, & Perception

Are you willing to create the life the world needs you to have?


A member of the Mohawk Nation, Turtle clan, Ian Sanderson is from the Six Nations of the Grand River reservation in Ontario, Canada. Ian is committed to serving clients from the board room to the wilderness as they develop and elevate culture and awareness—of themselves, their work, their relationships, and the world—through innovative application of Western, Indigenous, and Eastern thought. 

Ian has facilitated 800-900 group training and speaking engagements over the last 20 years, including multi-day retreats for up to 80 people. Clients have included 900 employees in the first year at Covidian/ Medtronic, 24 staff and senior Line Officers at the United States Forest Service, the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School, Naropa University, the Environmental Center at CU Boulder, and many more. He works in individual, small, and large group formats.

Ian has completed over 650 hours of leadership training. He has a BA in indigenous studies from Trent University in Ontario and is adjunct faculty at Naropa University.  In addition, he owns the Boulder Quest Center, a martial arts dojo where he teaches and trains in the art of To-Shin Do ninjutsu, a modern approach to handling threats and confrontations likely in our own culture today through reality-based empowerment training, coaching the student in ways to promote peace, security, well-being, and building the kind of inner strength that leads to success in life.  He holds the rank of “Sandan,” 3rd Degree Black Belt and has studied martial arts for 20 years. 

Ian completed a 3-year tracking mentorship program with The Tracking Project with John Stokes and is now qualified to represent the organization. He was trained in Wilderness First Aid and certified for 10 years. 



Warriorship: Development of the Winning Spirit

You get what you want and the world is a better place because of it. I win and because I win others win. I don’t diminish or take away from others when I win, I elevate others because I win.

Survival Skills from Forest to Board Room

Spend time on how to avoid getting into a “don’t die” situation. All problems have a common denominator -  they were preventable. Physical: We are disconnected from our physical environment – heads down, shoulders down, on the phone, not paying physical attention to each other. Vision: How to literally see differently. Familiar contexts: Look for what you didn’t see before or didn’t notice before. Observe and analyze information: What do you hook on to or not pay attention to? What decisions are being made and actions being taken based on false perception?

Elemental Personality Type (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind)

People of the same elemental type usually have the easiest communication with each other, and those with opposite elemental types often have the most difficult communication. Identifies where development is needed to balance out the personality and have more communication options, and the people who can help in challenge areas. Combines well with Myers Briggs Type Inventory.

Body Intelligence

Getting mind and spirit unstuck through martial movement. What shows up in your body shows up in your life – holding back, being too aggressive, avoiding, not engaging, not connecting, not setting boundaries, resisting.

Cultural Limitations

Since childhood, we’ve created stories that we tell ourselves repeatedly that hold us back from creating the life we want. Even when we become aware of them, these self-imposed limitations are so familiar, predictable, and stable that we will often hold on to them even when we know that moving beyond them will benefit us.