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e9 Corporate Coaching

Beyond what you thought possible

It is important to create a relationship that both produces a clear, compelling outcome for you the client, and is understood and agreed upon by both client and coach. In our first meeting we’ll discuss how to create the relationship together, which will include the following components as you agree to them, and others that you add to the list.

What I'll Ask of You

Double Your Willingness

We'll be trying new things, new ways of being and thinking and talking and acting and experimenting. Be willing to explore in new ways and suspend judgement. The same actions and the same thinking get the same results. Our goal is something different. 

Accept That This Will Change Your Life


If you knew how to get to where you want to go you'd already be there. This will get you th

Being Uncomfortable

Parts of the process may make you a bit uncomfortable as you explore and implement new things. As we move forward, try to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, and allow room for trying different methods of communicating, acting, or thinking.     


We’re going to openly discuss, and agree or disagree with each other. In order for you to be fully engaged in the process and to receive the optimum results, you need to become comfortable disagreeing and saying what you really think. If you’re not initially comfortable with this we’ll make it a goal. I'll be the confidante with whom you can discuss the full truth.

A Desire to Grow and Learn

You will be doing most of the talking, and then doing some agreed upon thinking and work between our meetings. The key determinant of the speed and level of outcomes achieved from our work will be your desire and willingness to engage in the process. If you're worried about finding time (as we all are) we can talk about that. 


I’ll ask for regular feedback on how the process is working for you – I am here to guide the process but it relies on you to speak to me about your specific needs. 

Values that Will Guide our Work



Everything relies on trust and I’ll become a trusted partner with you, your colleagues, your employees, your supervisor, or HR as needed. 


We’ll discuss up front what I am, or am not, obligated to disclose to anyone else. It is critical that you are completely 100% comfortable with how we create this part of the relationship.   


At all parts of the process we’ll engage in mutual respect for each other and anyone else involved in the process.

Receptivity & Acceptance

I’ll be very comfortable with whatever you bring to our discussions. You don’t have to impress me, and if your personal life comes up or you find the need for colorful language to get your point across I’ll still be right there with you.


Someone who has integrity is dependable and trustworthy. Dependability comes from doing what you say you’re going to do. Trustworthiness comes from strong ethics and being honest – assertively honest, while not having any hidden agendas or gossiping. These together create an image of someone with integrity who is unfiltered and uncomplicated in their communications and actions. Ethics translate to words which translate to actions and expectations upheld in a fairly linear fashion without a lot of mess in the way. The key requirement is assertive communication, to let others know if there is a conflict, competing priorities, or changing conditions, that affect the ability to deliver what was promised.